Altar Frontal

Altar Frontal

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

About the Church

In the words of the Twentieth Century Society, St Mary's is the 'undisputed Meisterwerk' of the well-known architect, Sir Ninian Comper and 'the interior literally brings you to your knees.  Here we have the elements of expansive rood, powerful ciborium, gorgeous painting and gilding and superb stained glass'.

Begun in 1906, the building of the church continued into the 1930s and it has long been a Grade One Listed Building.  The rich decoration of the interior and its palpable atmosphere of devotion and prayer make a great impact on the many visitors that we are pleased to welcome year by year.  John Julius Norwich described St Mary's like this:

'All is confidence and conviction, the work of a man who was not afraid to take one gigantic breath of all he knew about architecture and all he felt about God, and let it all out together in one great bellow of praise.'

Why not come and see for yourself?