Altar Frontal

Altar Frontal

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Social, Fundraising and Music Dates 2019

'Burns-tide' Supper on 8th February at 7pm
Organ Recital on 2nd March at 11am
Jumble Sale on 9th March at 10am
Children Society Coffee Morning on 30th March at 10am
Organ Recital on 6th April at 11am
Book Sale on 27th April at 10am
Organ Recital on 4th May at 11am
Beetle Drive on 9th May at 6pm
Organ Recital on 1st June at 11am
Summer Fair on 29th June at 10.30am
Organ Recital on 6th July at 11am
Parish Coach Outing to London on 7th September
Coffee Morning in aid of Wellingborough Homeless Night Shelter on 14th September at 10.00am
Jumble Sale on 28th September at 10am
Book Sale on 19th October at 10am
Winter Market on 30th November at 10.30am
More dates to come...

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